Vena is the leading planning cloud software for teams that love Excel!

If Microsoft Excel is integrated into your planning culture, Vena was built for you!

Traditional Planning Software is too complex

FP&A teams can’t rely on the original models deployed at go-live forever.

Traditional software creates dependency on specialized technical resources.

FP&A analysts are not coders and they are unable to manage the complex back-end of most planning software directly.

Vena Puts Your FP&A Team Back In Control

Vena allows all models to be developed using native Excel resources which your FP&A team already knows top to bottom.

Vena will provide your organization with a flexible and modern FP&A platform loved by users for the following use cases

Corporate Financial Planning & Analysis

Financial Reporting

Financial Close Management

Connected Business Planning

Planning to support Project based organizations

Achieve success with Excel as the user interface to a powerful FP&A platform

Over 1,000 Vena clients have embraced the platform that combines powerful system features including a workflow engine, central database, strong security and auditing capabilities with the familiarity of Excel.

Organize each process using Vena’s Workflow

Vena’s Workflow allows you to map any process from beginning to end.

Vena’s integration to Microsoft office allows you to build stunning dashboards and reports on the fly

Prefer to use your existing BI for reporting?

No problem - in addition to native reporting capabilities offered within the Vena platform, clients can easily integrate their favorite BI with Vena.

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Imagine a better future with Vena’s easy to forecast platform

Quickly analyze trends and perform predictive analysis.

Modern integration that works

Connect Vena to any data source.

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We are an authorized Vena reseller and certified implementation partner

Our team is fully equipped to guide you through every step of your Vena evaluation and deployment.

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You will receive our independent perspective focused on your success.

Our team has experience with most leading FP&A software and can help you compare and contrast how Vena stacks up to your other options.