Survey indicates 89% of workers are concerned about a return to the office

A recent survey reported by Glassdoor with over 1,000 participants reveals interesting findings of workers' sentiments regarding their work environment. 

“96% of employees plan to return to the office in some capacity, and 2 in 3 employees (66%) are eager to return.”

And at the same time - 

“Nearly 9 in 10 Employees (89%) Have Concerns About Returning to the Office”

These percentages appear to be in conflict at first glance. Nearly everyone plans a return to the office in some capacity while nearly everyone is worried about it. Sounds like it's no different than a kid waiting in line for a massive roller coaster ride. He may be nervous to the bone about the heights, speed, and drops but he would have to be pulled away kicking and screaming before he left the line. You can have a concern about an activity while at the same time have a high level of eagerness towards it. 

The employee sentiment towards home and office work is also similar to a roller coaster ride with its many twists and ups and downs. The home office offers a level of tranquility and allows you to skip your commute, be with your kids and pets, roll out of bed and be at your desk while still in your pajamas. At the same time, it may be boring and you miss the high energy of your office, hanging out with your colleagues, in-person jokes and conversations, and all the lunches, happy hours, and access to the downtown ecosystem. 


What these stats may be telling us is that most employees wish for variety. Some days they want to be at home and with their families and in their neighborhood and other days they want space from their home life to spend more time with colleagues at the office. 

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