5 best practices to boost your Sales Planning

Done right, sales planning can be an effective xP&A (Extended Planning & Analysis) process to align your sales, operations, marketing, and HR teams into a unified strategy. Software tailoring to this process is referred to as Sales Performance Management (SPM). SPM can include Incentive Compensation Management, Territory Management, and Quota Management.

While there are software solutions specifically designed to address SPM, a best practice is to avoid point solutions and instead incorporate sales planning as part of your enterprise planning process. In other words, you want to incorporate sales planning into your overall financial planning platform to achieve a connected enterprise.

Jaime Marijuán Castro with OneStream Software provides 5 best practices to maximize the value of your organization’s sales planning process.

If you’re short on time here is a summary of Jaime’s 5 tips: 

  1. Adopt a collaborative planning approach
  2. Incorporate financial metrics into sales planning
  3. Consider the Sales team’s expertise in the product and services
  4. Factor bench time into the plan 
  5. Leverage data and technology

To evaluate a unified planning and accounting platform like OneStream, speak to the consulting team at RVNA Technologies. RVNA is an experienced professional services organization focused on advising clients on FP&A Software selection.

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